The oil mill "Fratelli Pozzo" was set up back in 1850 by their great-grandfather, Mr. Giacomo Siccardi who, in 1883, was authorized by the then King, Umberto I, to use the waters of the stream Pennavaire in order to work the millstones of the oil mill: such an authorization is still effective and you can see the old wheel still working.

The concern is now established in Conscente, an outlying administrative division of Cisano sul Neva, where just to qualities of olives, the so called "Taggiasche" and "Pinole", are treated by traditional techniques and pressed in order to keep unchanged the organoleptic features of the product.

The processed olives come either from traditionally grown olive groves owned by the concern itself or from highly selected local groves.

Oil is exclusively sold at the oil mill upon home forwarding and a tasting is possible as well.
During winter processing you can book stocks of olives, supervise their processing and buy the newly produced oil.

Via Amedeo, 31 - Frazione Conscente 17035 Cisano sul Neva (SV) - Italia
Tel. 0182.595.047 - Fax 0182.594.503